Monthly Archives: September 2013

The “Les Mis” of Insurance Programs

The curtain will rise soon on a new health insurance program, but it may feel more like a dress rehearsal than opening night.  The Federal government (and California) is in the process of launching the largest public entitlement program in its history so we can expect some missed lines, costume malfunctions, and wet paint on the set.  Implementing this program will be a large scale “Les Mis” type effort.  It may take weeks before they pack them in.  We know one thing; there will be plenty of critics in the audience. Continue reading

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) live to see another day.

I am pleased to see there will be HSA compatible plans available in our new health care system. One of my first concerns after the Health Care Reform law passed was whether HSAs would be outlawed.  It has been no secret that the current administration is no fan of HSAs; considering them another savings scheme for the wealthy.  The State of California is no fan either and still refuses to allow the HSA tax deduction. Continue reading

Welcome to the New Health Insurance Marketplace

There are a lot of new terms emerging with the onset of the new Health Insurance __???__. The federal government first called it a Health Insurance Exchange in hopes it would empower consumers to purchase their own insurance.  What is an “exchange” and where do you find one? A shopping mall? Wall Street? The corner of 3rd and Main to see a guy in a trench coat?  After surveying the public the feds determined “exchange” did not compute.  Continue reading