Monthly Archives: October 2013

Government Rollout and other Oxymorons.

Heading into the fourth week of health care open enrollment there is no shortage of opinion on how things are going.  Very few are favorable, and very few provide any help to the man/woman on the street.  From the trenches, the level of anxiousness is rising but overall I’m impressed at the level of calm and patience. Maybe those on the pavement know enough not to get too excited…yet. I mean, come on, this is Uncle Sam we are talking about. Government rollout is a bit oxymoronic. Continue reading

Hold ‘em or Fold ‘em?

Remember during the healthcare debate when President Obama was under pressure to allow people to keep their existing plan if they wanted to?  Well, in the healthcare bill there is a provision for that but it does not apply to everyone. If you are covered under a policy that was in effect prior to the healthcare bill passing (March 23, 2010), then your plan is considered “grandfathered” and you can keep it and not have to turn it in for an ACA-compliant plan. Plan members will be notified by their carrier if they have a grandfathered plan they can keep. The question is, do you hold it or fold it? Continue reading