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ACA and the Trump Administration

We have received numerous inquiries from clients as to the fate of their health insurance. We know that President Trump has signed an Executive Order and that change to the law is inevitable. Here are a few reminders and thoughts on what to expect:

  • The ACA is still the law. Even though change is expected, the ACA remains in place and unchanged at this time. The law still requires most Americans to have health insurance to avoid tax penalties.
  • Open Enrollment continues through January 31. There’s still time for individuals and families to enroll in coverage for 2017. You can purchase coverage through the private market through a broker like me, or enroll via Covered California, the public marketplace.
  • Whatever changes come, they’ll take time. Changes will require specific legislative and administrative action. Health policy experts predict that consumers will be given a transition period while Congress puts together any replacement plan.

We’ll keep you posted on important news and updates that directly affect your health insurance. Thanks, Phil

ALERT! Open Enrollment Deadline Date Change

In my previous blog I stated that CoveredCA, the public marketplace, announced they were extending the open enrollment deadline to February 15th. This is incorrect. The last day of open enrollment is January 31st.

CoveredCA mistakenly reported the wrong date range for a March 1, 2017 coverage start date.

The correct plan selection dates for a March 1, 2017 coverage start date are January 21 – January 31, 2017.


Open Enrollment Ending Soon!

The health insurance open enrollment period is scheduled to close on January 31, 2017, for the private market (also called off-exchange). The private market is where you enroll in a plan directly with an insurance company through an agent or broker like me.

CoveredCA is the public marketplace (also called on-exchange) and is where one can enroll in subsidized insurance or Medi-Cal if income qualified. CoveredCA recently announced that they will extend their enrollment period through February 14th.

Enrolling in coverage in either marketplace by either deadline will result in a March 1 effective date. To understand more about California’s marketplaces, watch our latest video:

Let me know if I can help you further. Phil